AUSCF supports and engages in efforts that seek the following outcomes.

  • Consolidate government cyber and information security authority and oversight under a single entity to better enable full government alignment.
  • Achieve a “whole of nation” mobilization of cyber capabilities across military/government, industry, and academia.
  • Mature military doctrine and organizations related to cyberspace.
  • Reduce barriers to the sharing of information, talent, and technology among cyber sectors.
  • Build and strengthen the nation’s cyberspace workforce and available talent.

AUSCF executes this support through the following actions.

  • Establishment of a research institute focused on the application of cyberspace disciplines in the interest of national security.
  • Key legislative engagement and education on topics of significant impact to national security in cyberspace.
  • Sponsorship, planning, and execution of cross-sector information exchanges, symposiums, and action groups.
  • Broad strategic communications through original content creation/publication and formal comment on emerging topics and issues.
  • Strategic engagement with key entities in major national sectors to facilitate shared understanding of hot issues and coordinated responses.
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